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The key to maximizing productivity in today's workplace is networking. Whether you're a small or home-based wanting to share peripherals or a medium sized business looking for effective file-serving and internet / intranet setups, On Track has the networking solutions to keep your employees connected and your business running smoothly.

Network Systems Supported

  • Linux / Unix

  • Windows clients (95/98/ME/2000/XP)

  • Windows Servers (NT/2000/2003)

Linux / Unix

We can set up Linux/Unix based Print Servers, File Servers, web servers, email servers, or anything else you may need. These servers show up-times of months and are able to provide a high level of service with minimal hardware requirements. We can also provide the administration for Linux/Unix based network systems.

Windows clients (95/98/ME/2000/XP)

For small to mid-scale business requirements Windows clients makes for a quick easy to use network solution. They allow for easy file and resource sharing among members of your company. We often couple a Windows network with Linux or Unix based file and print serving to create easy to use network solutions while adding the increased security and up-times of Linux systems.

Windows Servers (NT/2000/2003)

For large scale businesses requiring more robust Windows based networking. These networks allow for greater flexibility in administration of user rights while retaining the Windows graphical interface.